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Aequo are the leading experts in Software Engineering, Applied Sciences, and Hypergrowth and Investment Strategies for the emerging markets.



Aequo provides a fully end-to-end scope for all our software engineering projects. From System Design and Architecture to Perpetual Maintenance. All aspects of your project can be handled by our team of experts. In addition we have a suite of 624 template based software solutions for rapid deployment cases, MVPs, or non-complex systems.

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Many organisations have legacy software infrastructure which can be debilitating to their overall performance. Internal processes can become slow and frustrating harming your overall efficiency. Externally, customers can become frustrated with poor performing UI's or a lack of features leading to product or service abandonment. Aequo can help organisations rebuild their software architecture to meet their current environment and future proof it by building a lightweight and flexible platform. 

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Whether you are at an MVP stage, full launch, or stagnating post fund raising, Aequo can provide Hypergrowth Strategies or help you obtain external financing for your venture. Our team of experts are proficient at implementing Hypergrowth Strategies in emerging markets enabling organisations to rapidly upscale their revenue efficiently. We have extensive experience in taking early stage companies to Series A and B funding rounds and more established organisations in to Series C funding rounds - particularly in regions typically overlooked by Western investors. 

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For more information on our services, including case studies and schedules of our previous work, please get in touch. 

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